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Aquarellum Junior - Christmas

Aquarellum Junior - Christmas

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With a few drops of paint, children can create true masterpieces! Aquarellum Junior is a painting technique that involves applying colour to illustrations with masked outlines that magically appear with each brush stroke. Plus, since the paint only adheres to masked areas, it’s super easy to paint within the lines! Illustrations come on a high-quality, thick vellum paper that is perfect for watercolour painting, as it will not crinkle. 

An eco-friendly product. Manufactured in France, Aquarellum Junior was designed using eco-friendly methods, so that all ages can have fun, while respecting the environment and future generations. 

  • 4 FSC-certified picture boards (18 x 25 cm)
  • 5 paint jars made of 100% recyclable PET (containing non-toxic watercolour inks)
  • 1 top-quality watercolour brush
  • 1 palette made of 70% recycled materials (100% recyclable)
  • 1 dropper for colour dosage 
  • 1 set of instructions on colour perception and colour mixing

Ages 6+

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