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Calming Strategy Toolbox Visuals

Run Wild Play Kits

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From Run Wild Play Kits, Jamie is a Child Registered Psychologist and has curated a collection of wonderful social-emotional learning tools which we are so thrilled to have in our shop. 

There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad emotion.” An emotion is an emotion and it’s not only okay for children to experience a wide range of big emotions, but it’s expected. Our goal as parents is to support our children in navigating these emotions and supporting them in developing the skills to deal with them in a positive and healthy way. These visuals can help to do just that.

These calming strategies toolkit visuals are a valuable tool in supporting emotional regulation and developing positive coping skills. Whether it be for teaching children general calming strategies or helping to teach replacement behaviours (providing a more appropriate and positive alternative to a less desirable behaviour (eg. instead of hitting or kicking you can ask for help), this tool is versatile and useful across a wide range of situations, environments and behavioural challenges.

These visuals are intended for children ages 2+. They can be incorporated into a calming toolbox in a calming corner or placed on the wall in a playroom. A wide range of calming strategies are included as all children are unique and what may be calming for one child may not be calming for another.

These visuals are printed on thick cardstock and laminated for durability. 

Visuals do not come with Velcro or sticky tack.

Photographs thanks to Run Wild Play Kits