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Play at Night - Horseshoe, Open Winged Bat

Play at Night - Horseshoe, Open Winged Bat

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Have you ever heard that Budapest is the capital of caves? Well, we were lucky enough to have these toys that were created in cooperation with one of the most astonishing ones, the Pál-völgyi cave, a favourite place of the bats.

Did you know that the horseshoe bat is the same size as a mouse and likes to keep its small sized wings open during summers? During the winter time horseshoe bats hang upside down and cover themselves up entirely with their lovely wings.

Size: approx. 5cm X 5cm Length of the wings: approx. 17cm (open wing type)

Material: hand-painted beech wood and leather wings Comes in a hand-sewn, reusable canvas storage bag

The closed wing version comes with a separate leather strap so it can hang anywhere easily. Recommended age: 3+

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