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Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1A

Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1A

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Ecto-1A comes with the roof design from the second Ghostbusters movie. Includes 4 figures and one Playmogram.

35 years ago, the first emergency call was received at Ghostbusters headquarters. "If there's something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call: Ghostbusters™!" For the anniversary you can purchase the cult vehicle Ecto-1 in an updated design with blue lights and cool sound effects, a removable roof, slime splashes and all four Ghostbusters™ heroes. Ghosts disappear into the ghost trap in a flash with the hologram pyramid. Strap on the proton backpack or Slime Blower and help Ray, Egon, Winston and Peter with the ghost hunt! The set includes the iconic ghost hunter vehicle Ecto-1A, all four Ghostbusters™ characters, a hologram pyramid, proton packs, slime blowers and proton emitters, and other equipment for tracking down paranormal activity.

Additional Information

Figures: 1 tinsmith, 1 punch, 1 Zeddemore, 1 Venkman Accessories: 1 Ecto-1A with light and sound, 1 ghost trap with hologram pyramid, 1 gigameter, 2 "proton packs" with "proton emitter", 2 slime tanks, 2 slime blowers, 2 slime beams, slime splashes, 2 gloves

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