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Run Wild Play Kits

Look What I Can Do Journal

Look What I Can Do Journal

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From Run Wild Play Kits, Jamie is a Child Registered Psychologist and has curated a collection of wonderful social-emotional learning tools which we are so thrilled to have in our shop. 

Look What I Can Do Journal - a journal to empower children by focusing on their strengths and what they CAN do. 

There are many ways to use the Look What I Can Do Journal. Some possible ideas include: 

-Entries in the journal can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule or "anytime." However, it's best to do it with regularity so there is momentum for children to think about, hear about and acknowledge their "I CAN" moments 

-Depending on the child's age, drawings and writing may be completed by the child or an adult, or jointly. Entries can also be created into a visual collage through imaged and words found in magazines or online

-Use the opportunity to use and encourage affirming language. It's also the perfect chance to help reframe challenging moments into moments of gratitude. 

Photographs thanks to Run Wild Play Kits

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