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Duplo ABC Delivery - Yoto Card

Duplo ABC Delivery - Yoto Card

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Yoto says: An exciting play-along story. Hop aboard the Alphabet Truck with Alina and Sam as they try to collect all the letters for the most important delivery of all - the alphabet!

If you need a truck or delivery van, then you should call Alina and Sam. They load up the trailer with boxes galore, deliver them all to each house, shop or store…

Alina and Sam are loading up the Number Truck for a super special delivery! Join them as they work together to collect the letters of the alphabet, from A all the way to Z. On the way, they’ll spot apples and aardvarks, baboons and bees, chickens and cheetahs and make lots of new friends!

ABC Delivery is a play-along rhyming audio story that encourages kids to explore their big imaginations and creativity as they learn the alphabet. It can be enjoyed on its own and has also been specially designed to be enhanced by the LEGO® DUPLO® Alphabet Truck, sold separately.


Language: English

Ages: 2–5y

Run-time: 15m

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