Collection: Natasia Makes

Natasia Makes create thoughtfully made paper goods and gifts for curious people who need a bold dose of pep, connection, empowerment and playfulness in their lives.

Her products are created by lettering artist and illustrator, Natasia Martin [nuh-tah-see-yuh], from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When Natasia picks up a new skill, navigates a new outdoor adventure, or discovers a new way to process whatever life throws at her, she’s inspired to pass on that knowledge through illustration, lettering and her products. She uses her products to share her personal stories and experiences and hopes to empower others to see the positive in their situation and feel a little less alone.

Natasia’s vibrant style is full of playful contrasts. She pairs abstract elements with representational elements, clean geometry with spontaneous textures, and vibrant and rich colours with muted, natural colours. Her work reflects a cheerful perspective and view of the world while invoking feelings of joy, empowerment and curiosity.