The Toy Makers on Cherry Tree Lane

At Cherry Tree Lane we take great pride in curating a unique, exciting, and quality selection of toys, games, books and puzzles. Every supplier we work with shares our love of play and imagination.

Cherry Tree Lane Toys

Designed and crafted in Calgary, AB, by Downton Carpentry. Our house-line of toys are simple pieces meant to be strong foundations to any child’s toy collection.


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Local Makers

Little Larch is passionate about play-based learning and have created their play dough to encourage creative play, sensory learning and fine motor development.

Bloom & Blocks

Bloom & Bloxs strives to create eco-conscious wooden play items for children. Many of their items will have more than 1 purpose and will align with early education learning. Items created by Bloom & Bloxs will allow children to learn colours, shapes, letters, numbers and more while still enjoying open-ended imaginative play. 

Meadow Lark Toys

Meadow Lark designs and handcrafts wooden toys that are heirloom-quality with a simple clean aesthetic appealing to modern parents and early childhood educators.







A little (female owned, mother led) mom and pop shop, from British Columbia Canada. Alisa is an artist from a very young age and William is her biggest supporter. AW&Co. toys are made with natural wooden materials; with dyes that are food safe and paints and finishes that are are water based.




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