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Imagination Lenses

Imagination Lenses

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Imagination Lenses were dreamed up right here on Cherry Tree Lane and brought to life by Downton Carpentry.

Each lens is created using high-quality maple hardwood and non-toxic resin. Just like a snowflake, no two lenses will be the same. This is due to the handcrafted nature of the lenses, but also the uniqueness of the wood grain and how the resin sets. 

Imagination Lenses come with no instructions! They go wherever your imagination will take them. Perfect for so many uses, one of our favourites is a sensory stone. The texture of the resin nestled inside a wooden circle is perfect for a calming effect as you rub your thumb around it.

Imagination Lenses can be used with building blocks, they are great to use as windows in a house or castle built with blocks!

They are wonderful for colour recognition play, window or lightbox play, and also great for decoration around the house or playroom as you watch them catch the sun’s rays! 

How will you use your Imagination Lenses? 

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