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Ratatouille Set

Ratatouille Set

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And tonight’s special is: ratatouille! Budding chefs aged 3 years and up will prepare a rainbow-coloured meal with this set of wooden and felt kitchen accessories. How, you ask? Easy-peasy, simply follow the illustrated recipe provided! And that's not all, a total of 32 accessories are provided to help prepare this famous Mediterranean dish: 1 wooden courgette to be cut into 5 slices, 1 wooden aubergine to be cut into 5 slices, 4 wooden tomato slices, 2 wooden onion slices, 5 felt pepper slices, 3 fabric herb sprigs, 1 wooden salt shaker and 1 wooden pepper shaker, 1 wooden knife, 1 cardboard cutting board and 1 wooden baking dish.

This pretend play set is made from FSC® wood. With this children’s kitchen set, little ones can make a classic dish, time and time again! Little cooks will use the knife to chop the vegetables into slices and arrange the food in the dish, as and how they please; this kit is ideal for stimulating motor skills and the imagination. A recipe to discover or rediscover as a family, whilst spending time together! This traditional dish will find pride of place in a children's kitchen... Or even on a worktop in their parents’ kitchen!

Ages 3+

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Dimensions 20,6 x 12,2 x 4,1 cm (7.87 x 4.72 x 1.57")
Material(s) Wood, cardboard and fabric
Box type Pretty closed box
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