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T-Boats Challenge Game

T-Boats Challenge Game

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A game of strategy using T's. In turns, players move their boats by 90° or 180° and along the axis of the boat. The goal is to make a T, which means getting one boat perpendicular to the middle of an opponent’s boat. The player who manages this, takes the other boat. The first player to take all the boats, wins.

Includes: Board with an 81 point grid, 8 boat markers in 2 colours (all wood) and instructions

Skills: strategy and cognitive planning

This 2 player game is for ages 8+.

Milaniwood is a brand of exclusively designed ecological wooden games that are 100% manufactured in Italy by T.a.m.i.l., a company that has been making high quality wooden components since 1924. The games are made with FSC wood using machinery fuelled by clean energy, safe, with attention to detail and recyclable packaging made of cotton and cardboard.

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