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The Three Little Pigs - Yoto Card

The Three Little Pigs - Yoto Card

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Yoto Says: A wonderful update on the traditional fairytale, by Yoto’s own Jake Harris. 
Three happy happy piglets, tails bobbing up and down, go off into the wild woods with some questionable architectural plans. Kidlets will laugh along to this Yoto Originals take on the traditional fairy tale, written and read by school teacher Jake Harris (whom you might recognise from the Story Shed podcast).

(The Three Little Pigs is also available as a digital card purchase for $4.99,  here)

Although this Yoto Card is perfect for young children, children under 3 years old should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under adult supervision.


    Language: English

    Ages: 2–4y

    Run-time: 9m

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