Collection: Once Kids

At Once Kids, we're passionate about creating sustainable and eco-friendly toys that are just as fun and engaging as plastic toys, but with a much smaller environmental impact. We started in 2014 because we saw a gap in the market for toys that were both cool and environmentally responsible. We believe that toys should inspire creativity and imagination, while also promoting awareness for the environment we live in.

Our core values, represented by the acronym ONCE, guide everything we do. We use only Organic and Natural resources in the creation of our toys, such as FSC certified solid wood and bamboo, and natural non-toxic water-based paints. We also partner with Charitable organizations to make a positive impact on the Environment and educate our customers about the importance of sustainability. We even incorporate recycled materials, such as felt made from plastic bottles, to aid in environmental cleanup. Our toys are designed to be both functional and beautiful, with modern designs and advanced functionality that appeal to kids and adults alike.

At Once Kids, we believe in building a brand that everyone can believe in, and we're proud to offer toys that are not only fun and engaging, but also environmentally responsible.