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A Bilingual Treasury of Chinese Folktales - Hardcover Picture Book

A Bilingual Treasury of Chinese Folktales - Hardcover Picture Book

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Written by Vivian Ling and Wang Peng & Illustrated by Yang Xi

The timeless wisdom of Chinese folktales presented in parallel English and Chinese texts!

Switch up your bedtime reading with this memorable bilingual anthology. These traditional Chinese tales are fun to read and each one contains a gentle moral telling kids how to be a good person and live a good life. The stories are presented with parallel English and Chinese texts on every page, along with dozens of charming color illustrations by illustrator Yang Xi.

The ten traditional folktales in this volume include:"Gold and Silver Hatchets"-Showing children the rewards that honesty can bring"How Can You Weigh an Elephant?"-It takes a small boy to solve an impossible task" How Silk Was Invented"- And how women contributed to the development of Chinese cultureAnd many more!
Sure to delight readers of all ages, 
A Bilingual Treasury of Chinese Folktales is perfect for parents who want their children to absorb the timeless wisdom of Chinese folk stories and also perhaps learn some Chinese along the way!

Reading Age: K-13

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