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Dida Belt Bag - Yellow Fox

Dida Belt Bag - Yellow Fox

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What exactly is our Fox belt bag? It is your spare pocket friend, that always comes handy. Not finding your back pocket that you cannot even see when you have something very important to put there is so annoying! Buckle this on your waist and hide all your little treasures in it on your adventures. The belt is super-easy to put on and you can position the pocket where it is most comfortable to reach with your hands.

Available in three vibrant, unisex leather colours and carefully hand sewn in Budapest.

Designed with ease of fellow-kids by DIDA

Recommended age: 2+ (This is an accessory item, and children must not be left unattended while using it.)

The set contains: 1 pocket bag with belt

Size approx. 25 cm x 15,5 cm; Length of the belt: approx. 85cm

Material: fine quality leather, metal belt screws

Comes in a hand-sewn, canvas shoulder bag for kids, with matching colours

Handmade in Hungary, EU

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