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Hidden Gem - Hardcover Picture Book

Hidden Gem - Hardcover Picture Book

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Written & Illustrated by Linda Liu

(It also happens to be about a rock...)

Prepare to fall in love with this irresistible debut picture book and its quirky story of a rock's journey to find self-confidence with accessible social emotional themes, perfect for fans of Oddbird and Something's Wrong.

When a small pebble sees others gathering on the steps of the Museum of Rocks, he grows curious. Once inside the esteemed halls, he is shocked by what he discovers. The only rocks on display are glittering gemstones, geodes, and crystals!

These beautiful stones make him wonder: Can he be special, too? Perhaps he’ll find an answer in the World’s Most Beautiful Gem exhibition . . . or maybe, just maybe, he will find the answer inside himself.

"Breathtaking." ―
Kirkus Reviewsstarred review

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