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Eco-Bricks™ 90 Piece Bamboo

Eco-Bricks™ 90 Piece Bamboo

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Eco-bricks™ Bamboo are natural and biodegradable bamboo construction blocks. Durable, beautifully crafted, and even compatible with most of the other major interlocking block brands (so you don't have to start your whole collection all over again), the Eco-Bricks™ Bamboo 90-Piece set is a brilliant first step into healthier, greener, construction block fun.

Benefits: Made from precision-carved natural bamboo. Bamboo has antimicrobial properties - stays clean in high use! Bamboo is also fast-growing and carbon neutral. These interlocking blocks aren't just fun - they are friendly to the planet, too!

Features: Compatible with plastic blocks. Encourages fine motor skills and environmental awareness. Assorted style blocks for endless design configurations.

Includes: 5 - 4 Dot Bamboo Covers 20 - 4 Dot Bamboo Blocks 50 - 8 Dot Bamboo Blocks 7 - 8 Dot Bamboo Covers 6 - 16 Dot Bamboo Bases 2 - 16 Dot Axel with Wheels Packaged in a laser engraved wooden storage box. High-quality design.

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