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Beedi - Croco

Beedi - Croco

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Your kids very first lacing beads!
As from 10 months your little ones will be able to play with the large soft foam blocks that float on the water and stick to the side of the tub.As from 18 months they will be able to start lacing the beads together using the needle stimulating their cognitive ability and enhance his hand-eye coordination. Use the suction cup to hang your kids creation on your bathroom wall and give the room a kids friendly touch.


    • Shapes float on water and stick to the walls
    • Great for hand and eye coordination
    • Creative play, visual perception and fine motor skills
    • Easy to play with by little hands
    • Silicone and EVA foam
    • Easy to dry & easy to store
    • No nasties (no BPA, phthalates, latex, …)
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