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Gemma's School Adventure - A Bilingual Board Book

Gemma's School Adventure - A Bilingual Board Book

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Written by Chau Nguyen Bui & Illustrated by Priscilla Ines

Join Gemma at school and learn all about shapes and objects with our new book, Gemma’s School Adventure! Can you name some school items that look like squares? What about cylinders? Does your classroom have a rug that looks like a circle or a chalkboard that looks like a rectangle?

Our bilingual Vietnamese-English board book includes 36 illustrated pages to help introduce school-related vocabulary to your little learner. Colorful illustrations and big, bold words will help your little one become familiar with the names for items that they use every day!

I spy a calculator! Do you see the Máy Tính? Our introductory spreads depict a typical school day, filled with all the items your little one will learn about in the book. Can you help them find all the items? As always, our book ends with review pages to test your learner’s vocabulary!

Reading Age: 0-6

Reading Level:

Dimensions: 6x6in

Publication date: 2023

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