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Piks Building Toy - Cones Kit

Piks Building Toy - Cones Kit

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Piks is a creative toy designed for the development of children's attention and concentration. The aim of the game is simple: create the most original or impressive structure without dropping any piece! Decision-making, fine motor skills and imagination will help players become real artists. Piks was designed based on research and alternative solutions to attention and concentration disorders (ADHD).

Play with the Cone Set on its own, or combine it with a Piks set, so you can build even more amazing things! With the Cone Set, children use their fine motor skills and creativity through play! Like Piks, the Cone Set is an imaginative toy for unstructured play. Children discover textures, develop fine motor skills by handling the cones, and use their imagination to create all kinds of things, or get ideas from the templates provided!

Contains 48 pieces.

Ages 3+

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