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Bumbleberry Toys

Pratchett the Pterodactyl

Pratchett the Pterodactyl

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Part of the Bumbleberry Toys hand-carved treasures collection! Created with love here in Calgary, Alberta. 

Pratchett Pterodactyl (Ptery Pratchett…gettit?) is the the flying dino of the Bumbleberry prehistoric forests! He loves to perch in trees and write his latest stories before flying off to play with his dino friends.

Pratchett measures 21.5cm long by 8cm tall. Pratchett is made from our thinner 2.5cm thick (1 inch) wood.

Bumbleberry wooden dinosaur toys are all handcarved from solid hardwood, sanded smooth and stained with toy safe paints. We seal them with an all natural wood finish.

Not for children under the age of three.

Photos thanks to Bumbleberry Toys!
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