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Sticker Activity Set

Sticker Activity Set

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These are removable, include two stages, you can take them anywhere and they stimulate creativity! Sticker Activity Set by Londji. Features foldout packaging that serves as the perfect backdrop for this set of 150 reusable stickers.

The city set includes 150 removable stickers of transport vehicles with different characters, houses, plants and trees, roads and traffic signs for you to build the city of your dreams on the scene you choose! Illustrated by Txell Darne.

The space set includes 150 removable space vehicle stickers with different characters, satellites, planets, constellations and stars of all kinds for you to build your favourite sky on the scene of your choice! Illustrated by Teresa Bellon.

A set of 150 removable stickers of the sea with different characters, fish, seaweed, mermaids and divers for you to build the seabed of your dreams on the scene you choose! Illustrated by Queralt Armengol

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