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Wood Perpetual Calendar with 12 Nins

Wood Perpetual Calendar with 12 Nins

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Grapat set contains 12 Nins® in 12 colours according to the Waldorf pedagogy, both to determine the month and its season of the year. 1 bowl of natural beech wood, two natural beech wood cubes with the numbers of the days printed, and a platform distributed in 4 sections that determine the seasons, stamped with the months of the year. (also available in French and German)

Annual manipulative and active calendar that allows the child to touch the year and understand the passage of time through the experience.

The perpetual calendar is a tool to bring little ones to the temporality, to the passage of time... that dimension so complex, difficult to understand by people who live in the here and now with a maximum intensity. Where yesterday is confused with tomorrow and last year is almost forgotten. The pieces in four rooms form a circle with holes to fit the Nins®. Each Nin® represents one month of the year; Their colours inspire the season in which they are:

Winter=January: Violet, February: Blue, March: Turquoise Spring = April:dark green, May:light Green , June:Pistachio, Summer= July: Yellow, August: light Orange, September: Orange Autumn=October: Red, November: Bordeaux, December: Brown

And so the wheel follows a circular and infinite time. Conventional calendars are linear, difficult to understand. The manipulative side of this material allows children to play and touch time. In the center we find two cubs with numbers. These will tell us what day it is. The format of the cubes allows us to make all the possible combinations to give answer to every day of each month. The central bowl calls to be filled; to be occupied with items that are significant for the time of year or the month in which you are. Being filled with small treasures, small loose parts or natural elements that children find and keep as the most precious goods. Recommended age 3+

GRAPAT provides material without instructions, open-ended and autonomous play. Their only premise is to let children play, slowly, without time limits. Grapat hand crafts materials that encourage, invite and stimulate the creation of invented little worlds. Grapat is made following traditional processes, in the old way, with thick soft raw materials, natural dyes which let the wood veins be seen and vibrant coloured waxes and oils that slightly shine. The products are painted by hand, homemade, surrounded by nature and many children nearby that inspire the makers daily.

The wood we use comes from sustainable forests. Grapat uses beech and birch. Wood is the source that inspires us daily. It is robust, soft and hard, it is warm, it sounds good and it smells good.

The dyes are based on water and non-toxic that comply with the European safety regulations of the Toy EN / 71-3: 2014 + A1: 2014 / 2013. Working with dyes and not with acrylic paints allows Grapat to continue having contact with the wood. The dye does not jump from the wood when it falls to the ground or when time passes because it penetrates deep inside the piece. Sometimes it can happen that by an excess of pigments some piece loses some colour when coming in contact with the saliva, no problem, they are absolutely safe and non-toxic.

Grapat workshop is located in the countryside, and being close to nature can make some tones and colours have variations. Depending on the humidity or if there is wind the dye can impregnate one way or another in the wood. The finishes are made with waxes and oils of vegetable origin. The oils can have a strong aroma at first, but it loses it with the days. We love it!

Each piece that passes through Grapat’s hands is unique. Each one is painted by hand. And since from Grapat we defend the value of nature, we accept imperfection. It is beautiful and makes the material even more valuable. The cloth bags that are included in some of the products come from big companies that discard material when they have a small defect. As Grapat produces the bags by hand they can take advantage of them by removing those defects and giving them a second life. The fabrics vary and do not match with the photos of the products.

Care Instructions: If you clean Grapat wood products only use a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water and do not use disinfectant or hot water.

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