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Yoto Headphones

Yoto Headphones

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Yoto Says: Get your kids grooving along to their favourite tunes or immersed in their favourite stories - quietly!

Designed for young ears (3+), Yoto Headphones have kid-safe volume limiting, a premium braided cable and a daisy chain feature to allow two sets to listen together from one Player. The headband can be adjusted for comfort and are perfect for quiet listening at home or in the car. 

Yoto Headphones also have a rubberised finish, making them comfortable for long periods of listening, and their lightweight, durable construction is perfect for all ages.

Yoto Headphones also come with a cloth travel bag.

Suitable for children aged 3+.

Tech Specs:

Speaker driver: 40mm  

Impedance: 32Ω  

Audio level: 85dB +/- 3dB  

Cord length: 1.5m  

Cord material: Fabric  

Dual port: 3.5mm stereo  

Net weight: 250g

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